Careers In Marketing

As you're going to school and getting your degree you're learning a lot of theories and broad concepts. But you're not always given the answers about how to apply this new found knowledge into a tangible career. A degree in marketing is one of those where you have several different options of professions when you come out school. Some people will work for an individual company while others will work for marketing firms that help all sorts of different enterprises. Here are some of the top careers that you might want to pursue if this is your field of study.

One of the most recognized and popular choices for those with marketing skills is advertising. There are many different jobs that fall under this sector. You could work for an advertising firm making print ads for clothing or commercials for aquarium decorations or you could work in the media department of a corporate office. Those responsible for selling advertising in magazines and on television usually also have a background in marketing.

When you look at all of the products that are available in a department store you likely don't think about how they got their name, which market they choose to center on or where they're thinking of taking that product in the future. This is all the job of someone in brand management. You could be working for a software company that needs to create a product that's perfect for someone who manages stocks or a toy company that needs the next best thing in time for the Christmas season.

One of the ways that those in advertising and brand management know how to cater their products to the proper market is through market research. A market analyst has many different tactics to find out what the target wants and needs. This could be an individual, like a working mother, or a company, like an insurance brokerage.

When you're dealing with marketing your not always talking about building up the reputation and appeal of certain products. These skills can also be applied to a career in public relations. This is when you're managing the communications and media attention of a company or individual. You could be working for a famous actor or a new recruiting firm that's interested in raising the knowledge of their presence in the city.

Those that are first out of school usually start in sales and work up to one of these positions. If you're interested in upgrading one day to a career in marketing than you should consider starting in an entry-level position with a marketing firm of some kind. Or you might want to get a head start and set up an internship during one of your summer's off.

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