Mob Mentality

Even people who embrace those things that make them unique want some place to fit in every once in a while. You want to feel connected to those around you and to be a part of something. This is the concept behind mob mentality. If a group of people start to get interested in anything from a new song to a car raffle than those people will attract more like them. This is a great tool that is used today in all sorts of advertising campaigns.

A perfect example of mob mentality is with something like Facebook. It started as a way for students from one school to stay connected and to find out more about each other. As it gained in popularity, people from neighboring schools wanted in on the website. Now you will find millions of people, from students to those operating a vacation rental website, such as VRBO with their own Facebook page. It is used throughout the world and comes up almost daily in pop culture.

Mob mentality, or herd mentality, is sort of an extreme form of peer pressure. As so many people start using a product or service it makes those that are not using it start to feel like an outsider. Fear is a great motivator and it's possible for some to get caught up in the fear of being left behind. We see this all the time with fashion, technology, and even the things that we eat.

Turning your product into something that causes this sort of response is not easy. There is no formula for getting everyone from the kids down the block to the celebrity in the limousine to all embrace the same thing. But, you should remember that it usually starts with one group. Those in the tech industry might call a new device the next big thing and then a month later everyone wants one. Or, a book for children could be embraced by their parents and older siblings as well.

Mob mentality is all about turning something that people want into something that they feel they should not live without. It's something that you hear about every day whether you're reading a magazine at the dentist's office or watching television in your home. Next time you view an advertisement observe how they are trying to make it something that everyone wants all at once.

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